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Proto Pipe

Proto Rocket Stash Pod

Proto Rocket Stash Pod

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A replacement Stash Pod for our Proto Rocket. With a knurled collar, it can hold approximately 5 bowls of stash.

Our Proto Rocket Stash Pod is NOT interchangeable with our Proto Pipe Classic Stash Pod for any Classic or Highbrid Pipes received in or before April 2023. (I.E. We changed the pin location on all Classics and highbrids for interchangeability.) 

If your Classic/ Highbrid pipe has a pin located on the bottom of the stash pod hole, this pod will fit. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stash pod tab

I just received a spare stash pod today and when I put it on my pipe the locking tab was not even close to touching the poker it needs to touch to lock everything together. So I got out my mini vice I use on small soldering projects, put that pod in that vice, and took a pair of pliers and bent that tab until it had a nice drag against the poker so it can lock together right. Just a little adjustment and that pod fit perfectly! Thanks so much Proto Pipe for making such a high quality product! I don’t like spending money on cheap products and it’s very hard to find quality products these days. Thank you!

Brian Cox
Nice, but lacking QC

It is advertised as a replacement stash pod for the rocket pipe, but it is not an exact replacement. The little handle, that stops it from turning when the poker is in place, has a slight bend on the end on the original. The replacement is missing this bend and is straight. As a result it does not lock up correctly. I will have to put it in a vise and try to replicate the bend if I want to use it with the pipe. Someone in production must be enjoying their pipe while on the job. Poor quality control.

Rocket stash pod

Perfect item!

Ray Steelman

The stash pod and poker l 0rdered the wrong ones will. Call on land line.