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Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe Tune Up Kit

Proto Pipe Tune Up Kit

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Introducing the Proto Pipe Tune-Up Kit! The ultimate solution for keeping your Proto Pipe in top-notch condition and ensuring a smooth smoking experience. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this comprehensive kit has everything you need to maintain your beloved Proto Pipe.

Key Features:

  1. Extra Screws: Never worry about missing or worn-out screws again. Our kit includes a set of high-quality replacement screws to keep your Proto Pipe securely assembled.

  2. Ram Rod for Unclogging: Experience a clog-free smoking session with the included ram rod. Specially designed to effortlessly clear any blockages in the mouth stem, this tool ensures a consistently clean draw.

  3. Soak Jar: Say goodbye to stubborn resin buildup. The kit features a convenient soak jar, allowing you to easily immerse your Proto Pipe for thorough cleaning. Keep your pipe pristine and ready for the next session. All models will fit in the jar. 

  4. Q-tips and Pipe Cleaners: Precision cleaning is a breeze with the supplied Q-tips and pipe cleaners. Target those hard-to-reach areas and maintain the integrity of your Proto Pipe with these essential tools.

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