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Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe Classic Deluxe

Proto Pipe Classic Deluxe

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Introducing the Proto Pipe Classic Deluxe or "The Tall Boy"

Experience a timeless classic with a contemporary twist – the Proto Pipe Classic Deluxe. Crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate sophistication and functionality, this deluxe edition takes the iconic Proto Pipe to new heights. With a taller and longer body, a larger poker, and an expanded diameter for the pipe stem, this masterpiece combines aesthetics with enhanced performance.

 Cleaning the Pipes:

Every Proto Pipe has a permanent screen in the solid brass bowl. The poker can be used to clean resin and debris out the bowl when the screen becomes clogged.  We recommend removing the Tar Trap and soaking it, along with the pipe, in isopropyl alcohol overnight to help loosen up any resin before cleaning the pipe with pipe cleaners.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse your pipe with hot water and wipe it dry after cleaning.


Length: 3.75"

Width: .75"

Height: 1.25"

Weight: 4oz.

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The Tall Boy

The Proto Pipe Classic Deluxe features a 25% deeper bowl, allowing you to enjoy longer sessions without the need for constant reloading. The fully polished body not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a smooth and comfortable grip. The increased mass of the bowl helps keep it cool for those intense smoking sessions.

*Comparison to the Proto Pipe Classic*

Thicker Poker

Retaining the same functionality that made the original Proto Pipe a legend, the Classic Deluxe is a testament to thoughtful design. The larger poker size offers an improved grip, while the expanded pipe stem enhances airflow for a more enjoyable smoking experience. 

The Deluxe has a .5" longer stash pod, mouth stem and poker. The mouth stem is enlarged to a .25" outer diameter compared to .187" outer diameter on all other models.