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Proto Pipe

Pipe Bundle

Pipe Bundle

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Introducing the Pipe Bundle – a comprehensive collection that combines functionality, style, and convenience to elevate your smoking experience. This carefully curated set is the perfect gift for Proto Pipe fans old and new.  The bundle is tailored to every pipe available on our store, and will include the appropriate accessories depending on the pipe you choose.

1. Proto Pipe Variant of Your Choice: Select from our range of Proto Pipe variants to suit your smoking preferences. Each variant offers a unique smoking experience, crafted with precision and quality materials. Whether you prefer the classic design or a modern twist, the Pipe Bundle has the perfect variant for you.


2. Leather Belt Pouch: Keep your Proto Pipe close at hand with our premium leather belt pouch. Designed for convenience and accessibility, this pouch lets you carry your Proto Pipe securely on your belt, ensuring you're always ready for a smoke break wherever life takes you.

3. Leather Keychain: Showcase your Proto Pipe pride with our exclusive leather keychain. Featuring solid brass hardware and hand-crafted high quality leather, this keychain is both a stylish accessory and a subtle nod to your passion for quality craftsmanship.  The snap button is an easy way to attach your keys to your belt without having to take your belt off.

4. Buffing Cloth: Maintain the polished look of your Proto Pipe with our specialized buffing cloth. Crafted from high-quality materials, this cloth is designed to keep your pipe gleaming, ensuring it looks as good as the day you got it.

5. Spare Poker and Mouthpiece: Extend the life of your Proto Pipe with a spare poker and mouthpiece. Never worry about wear and tear affecting your smoking sessions – simply replace any worn parts with the included spares and keep enjoying the unparalleled experience of your Proto Pipe.  Depending on the pipe variant you have chosen, the included poker will be appropriately matched to the pipe.

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