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Proto Pipe

Proto Voyager

Proto Voyager

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Meet Phil's newest pipe, our Proto Rocket Voyager, fully equipped to help you blast off into your next journey. For three years, Phil has redesigned the Proto Pipe® Rocket and applied an artistic spin. Inspired by Sci-Fi classics, the Voyager boasts three updated features. The first is a wider, curved knurled collar on the stash pod that adds substance and grace to its appearance and also provides a more substantial grip to hold Poker in place. The second is his new Proton Poker which has a thicker, solid brass knurled handle that's easier to grip to remove and also adds  a solid new look. The third is a double-notched bottom lid that makes it easier to open against stubbornly sticky resin.

Of course, it keeps all the amazing features of the original Rocket. Its bowl is beautifully round and holds a larger smoking capacity than the Proto Classic. The swiveling top lid is shaped into a graceful crescent that cleverly makes it also function as a roach clip. The bottom tar trap has been transformed from a plug that pops out into a bottom lid that swivels like the top lid, making it super easy to clean. The collar around the Stash Pod, that holds the Poker in place, is completely hand-shaped and knurled for improved function, feel, and appearance. Finally, the finished Rocket gets brushed for a lustrous finish all over. No wonder it has become Phil’s personal pipe of choice when he smokes.

Cleaning the Pipes:

Every Proto Pipe has a permanent screen in the solid brass bowl. The poker can be used to clean resin and debris out the bowl when the screen becomes clogged.  We recommend removing the Tar Trap and soaking it, along with the pipe, in isopropyl alcohol overnight to help loosen up any resin before cleaning the pipe with pipe cleaners.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse your pipe with hot water and wipe it dry after cleaning.

Length: 3”

Weight: 4oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
edward nestor
Happy Happy

Well made Works great very pleased 45 years as a machinest I love the metal wotk

Luke Nearine
Love it!

Wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new design without the removable tar trap. It’s grown how opening the bottom kinda squeegees the tar onto the rim where it’s easily gathered with the poker. I also have a very old classic and a brand new Classic Deluxe. Love them all.

Johnthan Hall

I was confused when I made my order and what I received was not what I thougt I ordered. The fault was all on me, reading compression isn't my strong suit, I thought the pipe was longer. I called and they told me it was that size, but they went above and beyond to take care of me and produce custom pieces to make my order what I wanted. They offered to do it for free, I said no, it was my mistake and I want to pay and even ordered another pipe while on the phone. When my order came, my new pipe was there and my custom parts were already assembled, it was a complete unit. So now I have 3 of the best pipes you can have. A custom Voyager that is 1' longer, a Voyager and classic deluxe. I am gifting the shorter Voyager to a friend that has a much shorter nose than me, lol.
Great company, great product, great people, great service.

Shane D.

With all of its, well thought out features, its size, the sheer beauty and attention to detail, I have found this to be perfect for my needs. I work in the trades and have clumsy, bulky fingers, but the Voyager is still easy to work with.

Bill Caswell

Still have my first one from the 60s , just had to see what this one is like ,,,, it’s okay I like it