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Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe Tune Up Service

Proto Pipe Tune Up Service

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Do you have an old Proto Pipe that is in serious need of some love?  Look no further, as the Proto Pipe team is now offering a full tune-up service!  If you're missing any pods, stems, pokers, lids, screws, or washers, and want your pipe looking next to new, this new service is right for you. We can get your old pipe back into a fully functioning state, and looking as if it just came out of the box.    


On occasion we have seen old pipes that have been modified, worked on, or simply worn out to the degree that the main pipe bowl/body is basically unfixable.  This can cause the tar trap and stem holes to be enlarged, making our press-fit tar traps and stems too loose to properly fit in the pipe.  If we receive a pipe that we deem unfixable we would issue a refund on services, or we could subtract the cost of the Tune Up service from the cost of a replacement pipe.  If you have any questions please feel free to message us via the contact page link located at the bottom of our website.

Please clean your pipes and send them to our warehouse located at 273 Franklin Ave, Willits CA 95490 along with a copy of your order number. Once the pipe is ready, we will ship it back to you with an email tracking number. The fix may take up to a week depending on the condition of the pipe, and the availability of our team members.

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