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Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe Classic Highbrid Lefty

Proto Pipe Classic Highbrid Lefty

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The Proto Pipe® Classic Highbrid features our beloved Classic body, updated with a Rocket twist. The collar that holds the Poker in place is meticulously hand-crafted and features a knurled finish that improves the function, feel, and aesthetic of the collar.

Then, the whole thing was flipped around and reworked by hand into a pipe that’s specially designed to be easy to use for our Left-Handed Proto Pipe aficionados!

Proto Pipe’s original Classic body that you already know and love, plus our new hand-crafted knurled collar, re-configured to work best for Left-Handed smokers, and brushed to a matte finish.

Our Proto Pipe Highbrid Lefty, a pipe ergonomically designed especially for Left-Handed smokers... it’s high time.

**The poker side should be on your most dominant hand, i.e. if you're left handed, poker should be on the left side, and lid swivels to the right to give you the full bowl**

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