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Leather Pouch

Leather Pouch

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The original brass pipe we all know and love, our Proto Pipe® Classic or "Deluxe" was designed by Phil Jergenson in the late 60’s. It features a permanent screen and a lid, and includes a Poker, a Stash Pod, and a Tar Trap. It also has our address stamped in the space where the Stash Pod attaches to the bowl.

Leather pouch was designed and hand crafted in the town of Mendocino, includes a belt loop and the logo PP. Perfect little pouch for carrying all Proto Pipes and helps keep your pipe together, no more lost pokers! Pouch comes in a oiled Tan.

All pipe styles will fit in the pouch. 

Cleaning the Pipes:

Every Proto Pipe has a permanent screen in the solid brass bowl. The poker helps you clean resin and debris out the bowl when the screen becomes clogged. Then you can clean the entire pipe using olive oil and a polishing cloth. 

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Day
A weed walk in the woods...

One of the activities I enjoy is a weed walk in the woods. For me, my Proto Pipe is the perfect pipe for the job. I used to just carry my Proto in my pocket but now it rides in style in a soft leather pouch on my belt. Oh and the leather smell....nice!

Andrew Krebs

It's a decent leather pouch. Just wish it had a snap on the front to hold down the lip.

Conrad Kroening

Kathrine in customer service is very helpful

Shawn K Dunn Jr
Nice worth the money!

Very nice elegant way to keep/protect my proto classic glad I shelled out the cash

Proto pipe leather pouch

The leather pouch has been sold out for a while, so when I seen it was back in stock I hurried to buy it. Overall, it’s a perfect carrying case for my proto pipe and I don’t regret my purchase. One thing to note; I’m not sure if it’s the leather or what they treated the leather with but it did cause some discoloration to the polished finish of my pipe. Not a huge deal tho