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Proto Pipe

Proto Rocket

Proto Rocket

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For our Proto Rocket, Phil took the best elements of his iconic Classic, and made some quality functional and aesthetic improvements. Its bowl is beautifully round and holds a larger smoking capacity. The swiveling top lid is shaped into a graceful crescent that cleverly makes it also function as a roach clip. The bottom tar trap has been transformed from a plug that pops out into a bottom lid that swivels like the top lid, making it super easy to clean. The collar around the Stash Pod, that holds the Poker in place, is completely hand-shaped and knurled for improved function, feel, and appearance. Finally, the finished Rocket gets brushed for a lustrous finish all over. No wonder it has become Phil’s personal pipe of choice when he smokes.

Cleaning the Pipes:

Every Proto Pipe has a permanent screen in the solid brass bowl. The poker can be used to clean resin and debris out the bowl when the screen becomes clogged.  We recommend removing the Tar Trap and soaking it, along with the pipe, in isopropyl alcohol overnight to help loosen up any resin before cleaning the pipe with pipe cleaners.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse your pipe with hot water and wipe it dry after cleaning.


Length: 3”

Weight: 4 ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Quality pipe search-OVER NOW!!!!

This is the last pipe I’m ever gonna buy! I have been smoking for 40 years and was always disappointed with glass or metal pipes I’ve bought through the years. This is the 1st absolutely high quality pipe I’ve EVER bought!!!! The only pipe I might buy in the future will definitely be another one of these pipes. Once I find something I really like I usually buy 2 of them just in case one breaks. That way you still have the 2nd pipe to use still while you get the 1st one fixed. I do the same thing with my Harley Davidson riding problem/addiction. If the 1st Harley I have breaks down I have the 2nd Harley to ride while I fix the 1st Harley. So I’ve been smoking out of my Rocket pipe for just about a year now and the more I use this pipe the more I like it!!!! It’s unbelievable how nice this pipe is!!!! Thank you Proto Pipe for finally ending my constant search for a quality pipe. Them days are over now!

Gary Zimmerman

These are great pipes. It is very well built. No doubt it will last for decades like the one that purchased in the 90’s and that I still use today.

It's good enough...?

When spending this much on a product that you can recreate out of a carved apple, I really was hoping for better! I was under the impression that what I initially ordered was going to be a product of high craftsmanship, but I must admit I was pretty disappointed. Maybe the specific one I received just happened to be a fluke, in which case, I would understand; However, my pipe seemed to have some noticeable flaws. Maybe I'm just picky, but when I noticed that glue was adhering the "clip" to the storage compartment, I began to look deeper (I only noticed because of the visible clumps of glue). After one use, as well as sitting in my pocket for a few hours, the shiny brass finish was considerably tarnished. The swivel-lid also was noticeably loose upon arrival, but that wasn't of much concern to me. Redeemable qualities of this product would be its' bells and whistles (poker stick, storage pod, etc.). In the end, it does its job and you can smoke with no issue, but when you're spending such a considerable amount of money for a product rooted in a history of craftsmanship, you would have hoped for better.

I also ordered a sticker pack, but it never arrived!

Jason Clem
Great buy!

I actually found one of the original pipes back in 92'. Had it several years but eventually lost it. I was heartbroken. I was trying to find the perfect Birthday gift for my dad's 80th birthday. Gave it to him a week early. He absolutely loved it. Uses it every day. Shows it off to his friends. I told him the story about how yall started in the 70s and make them still today. He tells it to everyone. Thank you guys for making such good, old fashioned, durable pieces. I've spent thousands on glass pieces over the years that ALL eventually broke. A Proto Pipe is $100 for a bowl that literally you can pass down generations. How many other pipes can say that???

Lee Fingerhut
New pipe

I've had it for almost a month now, so far, so good.