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Larry Todd

Moby Gleep Print by Larry Todd

Moby Gleep Print by Larry Todd

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'Moby Gleep' was an oil painting done in 1978, 3'x 4' inside on a Masonite substrate. In 1979, the print was first done as an edition of 1000 by Honeywell & Todd on gloss finish Chromecoat paper, 18"x 24" in what has become a "Vintage" printing technology offset lithography. The painting won a "Best of Show" award at the 1978 Iquanacon, which was a world science fiction & fantasy convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, the painting was destroyed by a house fire in 1989, but H&T had maintained the negatives and so a 2nd printing was done in 2001, also 1000 copies which can be identified by the ⓒ 2001 in the lower right side margin. 

The Image depicts the "Gleephunter" ship, "Peckwad" being attacked by the partially demented "Grossoloppus", "Moby Gleep", "Capt Eggcrab" hanging off the stern of the ship and a longboat with 1st Mate "Mr. Starstruck & Lampooner" (a lampoon is a harpoon with a lamp on it) "Tirtok, the Cannable" an android who can be stored in a can, it is his floating can that "Fishmeal", the narrator, uses as a life raft after the sinking of the ship. 

I want to thank you for showing interest in this painting, for however old it is, it retains surprising interest in its fans. 

--Larry Todd, Aka "Doc Atomic"

"Moby Gleep", print size is 20"x 26", signed by Larry Todd. 

Larry Todd is an American illustrator and comic artist, best known for his comics of "Doc Atomic", and other science fiction illustrations. 

Larry joined the Proto Team in 1976 and produced many of the Iconic Proto imagery.  

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